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“Remembrance is a form of rebellion. Yet remembering our innate, intuitive, biological potential is our birthright. So rebel dear ones! Reclaim your space in your body, being, and lineage; your unique and sacred space on this land, in this universe. With all my love, I welcome you, wild, wise being of the Earth and Stars.”

-Alyssia Luz

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Alyssia believes in allowing healing to naturally unfold. Working with herbalism, astrology, and holistic living, she supports the connections between the body, environment, and lifestyle to address the root-causes of issues and affirm personal authority.

My Services


Herbalism & Women's Health

Guidance and education for healthy living and addressing unhealthy conditions.


Integrative Processes

A deeper focus on integrating powerful experiences into everyday reality.


Astrology Readings

Readings and consultations regarding your unique constitution and cosmic insights.



"What I love to do most is explore through the layers of reality, getting closer to the core of all things. Plant medicine has been my spaceship; Alyssia is by far the best navigator."

-Asaf, Israel 

"I have been doing healing work with plant medicines for over 20 years. Mostly I have worked with medicine men or very masculine medicine women until I met Alyssia. This is the most wonderful healing I received; Alyssia opens a space for sweet sisterhood with a depth of transformation. She is a soft but firm curandera, loving and clear." 

-Karuna, Israel

"Since my first encounter with Alyssia (around 5 years ago) I have gone through many deep processes with her. She was always very supportive, loving and caring, providing a safe sacred space. Alyssia has knowledge and wisdom she gracefully shares and I highly recommend working with her!"

-Mariana, Israel

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