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I am a wife, mother, and medicine woman. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and my practice is focused on women’s health, herbal medicines, astrology, and holistic living. I am inspired by and work with the knowledge and practices of traditional Western herbalism and astrology, indigenous and mestizo traditions of the Americas, and my own Jewish and European ancestry. 


I facilitate and support meditation retreats internationally, practicing with some of my most precious mentors in Israel, Italy, Peru, Mexico, and the US. I am a moon dancer at Ollintouhimetzli in Teotihuacán, Mexico where I go once a year to “learn to see in the dark,” to honor and explore the dualistic nature of this world. I annually organize retreats for learning and healing with the plants in Iquitos, Peru where we immerse ourselves in the Amazonian jungle and plant kingdom with one of our beloved teachers, Don BeChin, a third-generation medicine man and ayahuasquero. I am a singer/musician dedicated to honoring, studying, and sharing healing prayers of global lineages. 


I love spending time with my family, being in the nature, cooking, reading, learning, singing, traveling, and playing!


I completed training and certification with Shelly Torgove (Artemesia & Rue) in her two year ethnobotanicals and women’s health program. I studied Western and Jewish astrology with Lorelai Kude in both her beginning and advanced courses and received both certifications. I am currently studying with Aviva Romm, MD, to become a certified women's health educator. I love integrating all of these modalities, traditions, and practices to best serve you!

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