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What are Astrology Readings?

Astrology is a wonderful perspective that tracks the movement of the planets through the twelve zodiac signs and their relationships to each other. I calculate and map your natal chart using your birth date, time, and place which creates a mandala of the planets and constellations at the moment of your birth from which we can study the stories and energies of the universe that you were born from. Readings are relevant, informative, and healing for all ages, relationships, and cycles and can be a powerful tool for self awareness, love, and care. Working with the wisdom of cosmos and the insights to your unique constitution can inspire a fresh connection to your nature, current life circumstances, past experiences, and nourish the potential of your innate character.

"Wow. The astrology reading that Alyssia offered me was life-changing. I feel so much more connected to my Earth body and Celestial spirit. I have a deeper understanding of who I am, my purposes and reasons for being, and what are my needs in order to live an aligned life. "

-Kate, Colorado

What to Expect

My work with astrology readings is an interactive and personalized process. During your session we will reflect on messages and themes in your natal chart which is based on your date and time of birth as well as current planetary transits and their interaction with your cosmic constitution. Readings are typically one hour for an individual and two hours for couples and families.

Packages & Pricing


I’ve had the privilege of participating in Aly’s healing circles as well as private consultation work with her. I’m deeply impressed by the many talents and passion that she brings to her work. She is an insightful and mature facilitator, and her energy has a stabilizing influence in a group setting. When I was experiencing intense emotional states, her presence and support guided me into a place of heartfulness and grounded stability. Aly’s authentic and gentle nature really shines through in her gift of song, and it’s helped inspire me to explore my own relationship with music. Aly is a delightful person to know. My contact with her has been personally transformative and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with her to do so!

-Sarah, California

I have worked with Alyssia in many capacities and I can attest to her ability to tune into the energies of this universe and offer the support and advice that is in line with that. I have found the readings she has done for me to be some of the most insightful and helpful I have experienced. It was so powerful and constructive in the most kind way. 

-Alison Joy, Colorado

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