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Women's Health Education Programs

Menstrual Cycles

The Moon’s Garden

The Moon’s Garden series is a program of four, one-on-one consultations focused on studying and reflecting on the menstrual cycles, connecting to personal and collective cycles and rhythms.


Each meeting is coordinated with a phase in your menstrual cycle in which we will learn and implement practices to support and consciously harness the power of your cycles. This series will
provide information, affirmation, and support on your cyclical journey so that they can more accurately listen and respond to your bodies signals, advocate for your needs, and better educate and
resource women you care about. I began offering this series as I was writing the eBook, The Moon’s
Garden, and asked a few dear friends to commit to this experiment with me. These processes helped to clarify and confirm the importance of witnessing ourselves and each other in the magical portals of consciousness we can experience in our cycles. I truly believe that reconnecting to our bodies cycles and those of the Earth is a powerful, vital aspect to the sustainability and evolution of modern life and culture.



The Moon’s Garden eBook

Here is the free eBook, The Moon’s Garden, for you and your community to use as an educational and inspirational resource! I wish that this can serve as an informative, reliable reference as you
continue to connect to your body and being on your cyclical journey.

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for your copy of the Moon's Garden.


"Alyssia helped me to heal my body with various herbal medicines that she prepared for me. For example, I quit smoking about six months ago, and since then I have had a constant, chronic coughing that disturbed my breathing up to a level of almost choking. Alyssia made me a herbal medicine that very shortly helped me with my issue. I instantly felt relief and improvement. It cleaned and cured me. To this “sun girl” I thank every day for giving me the inspiration and strength.'

-Eran, Israel

"I am reclaiming my feminine birthright with Alyssia's support. She has helped empower me to tune into my cycles and to have a deeper and fuller understanding of what "self-care" means. With her guidance, I have cultivated a practice including plant allies, movement, touch, and awareness."

-Alison Joy, Colorado

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