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What is an Integrative Process?

​Integration reflects the alignment of our knowledge and actions, “walking your talk.”  Throughout our work of self-development, integration is a key ally for wholesome awareness with every step. 

On our path, having support and guidance to integrate the evolution of our perspective and practice helps us to best nurture the “garden” of our being and harvest ripe fruits! 

An “integrative process” is an extended, co-created container to reflect on and cultivate practices to live in alignment with our truth, goals, and inspiration. So often we are preparing for or leaving a consultation, reading, or ceremony feeling inspired and excited for our realizations and connections, but as we join our refreshed awareness with our daily reality we lose the momentum to actualize our process. During this practice of integration we will personalize your regimen according to your current life cycle and intentions, utilizing tools and wisdom available to us from plants, planets, music, and relations.

The Process

  • Honoring integration by co-creating and committing to an extended practice.

  • 5 one-on-one sessions.

  • Includes a natal chart reading, intake consultation, resources for plant medicines and movement practice, guided and supported reflection, sharing/learning songs and prayer.

"Alyssia embodies her work with massive heart, and everything she touches is imbued with incredible wisdom and love. Her encouragement has been a vital key in helping me to step into my own power, and the example she sets in her facilitation sends a ripple of consciousness through us all. She is a force to be reckoned with!"

-Sohalia Hussain, Peru

What to Expect

We will share five, one-on-one meetings during this process. The initial consultation will be two hours in which we will review your natal chart and current transits, clarify your intentions, and set a start and finish date (typically 1-5 months working together). The regimen we create may include plants, foods, and practice as medicine such as chants and music, journaling, yoga, meditation, medicine-making, cooking, gardening, self-massage... The potential is infinite for discovering your innate gifts to integrate! My role is to hold a space for you by offering witness, tools, education, guidance and support. Your role is to practice what you preach! We will use the following four meetings to reflect on your experiences, insights, and perspectives throughout your integrative process.
The total cost of this journey is $420.

"Alyssia is a beautiful musician and a sacred space keeper. For me, she embodies a clear fire of Spirit that leaves nobody untouched by its healing and tranformative power. Her musical repertoire is incredibly expansive and her voice carries a unique vibration that enlivens and sparks up the energy  of any space. I trust in her powerful presence and her knowledge of the sacred way of life with all my heart."

-Melinda, Estonia



It happened many times in the last few years that I felt the desire to consult with Alyssia. It happened when I was confused about a decision to make, when my mind was clouded, preventing me to see clearly within me.

In every occasion she helped me to be with my own feelings, my inner truth. I love her way of being, she is lovely, humble, available for others and, above all, she is skillful in holding space for reconnection, supporting one's process of integration and transformation. Her talent is to naturally and effortlessly guide others with love and patience.

-Alessandra Tonanzin, Italy

As an experienced seeker and healing arts provider I can fully attest to the trust and confidence I found in Alyssia. 
I have worked very hard to heal and understand my own mixed lineage and I feel that Alyssia is very conscious and respectful of culture and privilege - I felt seen and safe in the container she held. She is wise, sensitive, intuitive, and trauma informed - all things I value. 
Alyssia brings deep presence, and honest reverence and connection to her Spirit in her work. In the medicine journey she held space for I felt both physically and emotionally safe. Spiritually I was able to gracefully dance with and integrate the journey, her care and awareness during ceremony is strong and clear. 

- Satchita Melina (somatic sex therapist and full spectrum doula), California

I am blessed to have shared many healing retreats with Alyssia.

Every time I am filled with happiness to hear her singing and to feel ,with her assistance, the pure connection to nature, light and joy.

I deeply recommend Alyssia as a spiritual guide to whom ever is interested in deepening their exploration of the self, the world and nature. Having Alyssia around will ensure a joyful, powerful and illuminating experience.

-Ruth, Israel

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