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Alyssia Luz- Becoming the Mother

Some reflections on pregnancy, birth, and becoming the Mother through my lense of

pregnancy... I am sharing in my 30th week of pregnancy in my 30th year of life, including my

perspective as a woman who has devoted so much of my life to learning from, caring for, and connecting with women and children. My wish is that this sharing supports and resonates with the people it reaches in all their cycles of life while leaving space for everyone to listen and share their own stories.

With love,

Alyssia Luz

“Pregnancy... (is) a portal for the physical evolution of consciousness”

I see pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as an initiation of the Mother... a rite of passage into

motherhood similar to menarche initiating the Maiden and perimenopause initiating the Wise

Woman. Every day of pregnancy feels like a unique experience in familiar territory. Pregnancy, like other physical transformations such as being born, puberty, postpartum, perimenopause, and death, is an obvious shift in the cycles we have known in these bodies and a portal for the physical evolution of consciousness. Through this initiation I am taking time to mourn the loss of what is passing, be open for what is becoming, and cherish the qualities that will continue to be of me, my relationships, and my lifestyle.

“Every day of pregnancy feels like a unique experience in familiar territory.“

Being pregnant feels so full of receptive, creative energy that heightens my awareness of

myself, my child, my environment, and people around me. This awareness is more similar to

intuition and sense of connection then a logical analysis or “common sense”. At times this can be magical, harmonizing the networks inside and outside of me like an orchestra. Other times this can feel impossible and frustrating as I try to defend my family from... anything that might harm them which seems to be everywhere! Sometimes this is a really simple state of being- patient, steady, innocent, and dreamy.

“Girl, you look like an incarnation of Mother Earth herself!”

Pregnancy and children are such a powerful symbol for everyone, triggering their wishes,

dreams, emotions, and memories- positive and negative. Even just the aura of pregnancy magnetizes people and surfaces associations!

One day, wearing a poncho that my baby bump was hidden under, I had three strangers approach me to share a compliment. One of them told me I am beautiful and remind him of his mother. Another one yelled across the street, “girl, you look like an incarnation of Mother Earth herself!” There is something about this life-giving force that brings up peoples associations, conscious and unconscious, with mothers, birth, children, innocence, life, family, creativity...

While I have had so many positive and endearing connections with people over the symbol of pregnancy and birth, I have also had interactions with people sharing (and sometimes

projecting) fears, defenses, and traumas. From strangers to family members, people have

offered advice, anecdotes, and opinions in very casual ways, often without any invitation, that

have been scary, offensive, and upsetting.

I have family, friends, and clients who are struggling to become pregnant, are pregnant, and

have given birth during my pregnancy and have gotten to be both mirror and perceiver of the

powerful symbol of pregnancy.

While all of these interactions have their range of impact, they have really helped me to identify and evolve some of my own unconscious beliefs and symbols regarding pregnancy, children, parenting, and Motherhood; setting a stage for me to be in my power and authority regarding myself and my family.

“I look forward to the process of birthing my child as one of the most profound, physical experiences of both of our lifetimes."

I look forward to the process of birthing my child as one of the most profound, physical

experiences of both of our lifetimes. The dream and preparation for this journey is so intimate

and precious, I find myself holding the details close to my heart and not wanting to casually

discuss and share my plans with many people. Not out of superstition, pride, or shame; more

like the spiritual secrecy of sacred encounters with beloved persons, places, and spirits that

descriptions do not justify and details are irrelevant to most others.

That being said, I do look forward to sharing my birth story with similar intentionality as I integrate and invite witness to my journey of my child coming Earth-side and myself becoming the Mother. I am most excited to share this journey and story with my child.

“Abundance is a gift from Mother Earth, She embraces her beloved children in infinite Love.” - Prema Shakti (translation of a song she wrote before the birth of her third child)

Considering abundance and unconditional love as I prepare my nest and sing this song. There are so many things, opinions, traditions, and beliefs regarding caring and providing for

ourselves and our children. I come back to the roots, the basic truths of our physiology, and

recognize the all-providing nature of Nature. I realize the simplicity of abundance- it just is.

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