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Teachers, Friends,

& Other Resources

These are many of my friends and teachers that I refer to as resources for medicine, guidance, and inspiration. Please use them too!

Friends of the Plants 

Mamae Cura: Tamar Rimon-Setton, herbalist, Amazonian and local plant tinctures, doula, dreamer and dream work, Israel - Check out her Instagram here!

Artemisia and Rue: Shelley Torgove, herbal medicine for women, apothecary, teacher, educational and certification courses, Maya Womb Massage, Denver, Colorado

Aviva Romm, MD.: midwife, herbalist, obstetrician, educational and certification courses, blogs, and podcasts regarding women's health, wellness, and thriving

Sarah Sorvillo, CH DEM: Community midwife, certified herbalist, holisitic fertility visits, prenatal care and homebirth options, herbal counseling, childbirth classes

Moon Medicine: Raven Rose, medicine woman, herbalist, inclusive women's health care, sacred cycles group coaching, apothecary, womb massage, kambo ceremonies



Ayahuasca Prajna: info and articles on master plant work, retreats in Peru, medicine music 

Sacred Valley Tribe: info and articles on master plant work, retreats in Peru, medicine music, songbooks

Mountain Rose Herbs: organic, cultivated medicinal herb and supply source

Pacific Botanicals: organic, cultivated fresh and dried medicinal herb and supply source

Voyage Botanica: Michael Cottingham, wild-harvested medicinal plants, field courses


Friends of Healing

Dr. Shea Kamlet; experienced psychologist, integrative psychotherapy, holistic mind/body/spirit work, yoga teacher, mother of Alyssia, Denver, Colorado

Chaya Lester: psychotherapist, inspirational speaker, spiritual guide, wordsmith, mystic, Jerusalem, Israel

Cyclical Body: Marissa Correia, menstrual cycle guide, womb and pelvic embodiment, women’s health advocate and educator, San Diego, California  

Obsidian Womb; Ayah Buonaugurio, temazcalera, pipe carrier, obsidian yoni eggs practice and protocol, yogini, dancer, women's health advocate, coach 

Friends of the Stars

Astrolojew: Lorelai Kude, astrologer, mystic, radio and podcast emcee, teacher of astrology and Jewish Esoterica, Berkeley, California

Friends of Art

Upward spiral: Grace Friedman, community gatherer, event coordinator, songbird, Nidra yoga teacher, pipe carrier, temazcalera, Denver, Colorado 

Edmunds J and Alessandra Tonanzin: medicine music, transformational space holders, musicians, songbirds, Italy - Check out their music here!

Sahar Killa: tattoo, artist, crafter, songbird, medicine woman (the artist who prepared my logo!), Israel. Check out her Facebook here

Dreamaya Design: Astraya-Alice Maxine, artist, beader, weaver, songbird, pipe carrier, Boulder, Colorado. Check out her Instagram here

Nathaniel Hitt: tattoo, artist, águila del fuego, pipe carrier, musician, Boulder, Colorado

Prema Shakti: music and focusing therapy, singer/songwriter/musician, Almagor, Israel. Check out her Music here!

Udi Katz: artist, crafter, forager, pipe maker, Almagor, Israel

Friends of Media

Alison Joy: website design, women’s circle facilitator, crafter, forager, songbird (she designed this beautiful site!), Denver, Colorado

Battleborn Audio: Eduardo Bejarano, live audio recording and editing, audio recorder and mixer, nature connection, águila del fuego, musician, Las Vegas, Nevada

Chelsea Dee: photographer, writer, world-wanderer, solo-mama, Denver, Colorado

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