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Women's Health

My Approach

  • Herbalism is our cultural heritage; naturally and generationally engineered, tested and approved. 

  • Preventative, curative, and sustainable education, practices, and regimens. 

  • Woman-centered, whole being practice; we are recognizing and responding to symptoms and underlying conditions/root-causes.


Plants, trees, and fungi have been used as a source of medicine, nourishment, and guidance for all of time. You might be surprised how you are already incorporating herbal medicines in your day to day by using certain spices, foods, herbal teas, and essential oils.

Whether maintaining health or treating specific conditions, my goal is to support you with education and resources to help you heal from your roots up and maintain your vitality. With a combination of listening to you and responding with affirmation, information, and tools, we will discover the best and most relevant herbal allies for you.

I have focused my studies specifically on women’s health to support women of all ages. From
menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and all the surprises, successes, and
challenges that might come up including irregular paps, vaginal infections, urinary infections,
painful periods, PCOS, uterine fibroids, fertility challenges, insomnia, night sweats, hot
flashes... I will love to help you find effective and meaningful solutions.



My Services & What to Expect


Our initial consultation will be about two hours in which we will discuss your needs and choose a plan of action. Follow up and check in sessions are one hour meetings where we can review and adjust your regimen, explore and learn about best practices for you as your healing journey evolves, and continue treating particular concerns or ailments. All of these sessions can be adjusted to in-person or virtual connections.

Packages & Pricing

Intake consultation

2 Hours

includes introduction of yourself, your health and current concerns, education on relevant topics, and herbal protocol.


Wellness series

4, 60-75 minute sessions

these sessions can be used anytime within the two years proceeding your intake consultation.


Workshops & events

Check Events Page

check out my event page for details! This is a great way to connect with our community while learning and developing tools and nature allies.  

Individually Priced


"Alyssia helped me to heal my body with various herbal medicines that she prepared for me. For example, I quit smoking about six months ago, and since then I have had a constant, chronic coughing that disturbed my breathing up to a level of almost choking. Alyssia made me a herbal medicine that very shortly helped me with my issue. I instantly felt relief and improvement. It cleaned and cured me. To this “sun girl” I thank every day for giving me the inspiration and strength.'

-Eran, Israel

"I am reclaiming my feminine birthright with Alyssia's support. She has helped empower me to tune into my cycles and to have a deeper and fuller understanding of what "self-care" means. With her guidance, I have cultivated a practice including plant allies, movement, touch, and awareness."

-Alison Joy, Colorado

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