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Medicine Music

My Journey with Medicine Music

Music is a rich, ancient source of story and reflection, a resonance of sound vibration with our own. I believe that this is also what defines medicine music, songs, and prayers inspired by the reflection of our experience through nature, our processes, relations, ancestry, cycles, and rhythms. 


Medicine music has ignited my creative potential and provided a major outlet for expression and connection. I always loved music but rarely made it past the initial stages of studying or practicing my relationship with music. When I first encountered medicine music I was so inspired by the simplicity and authenticity of the sounds and messages I decided to learn and practice these songs despite my insecurities and judgments. In fact, singing has been such an important tool for identifying and embracing my power and weakness; as my feelings change my voice and songs reflect that. With this regular practice, I become more familiar with my energy and cycles and build habits for honestly meeting myself where I am. 


This journey has rooted medicine music to be among my most treasured resources for holding space for healing and transformation. So, I often work with music in consultations or share a song with you to work with on your own to support your healing process. I also regularly hold community gatherings where we sing together in various formats. Please check out my event calendar for upcoming opportunities!


I encourage my community to listen to nourishing sounds and learn songs that you resonate with. Take it a step further and observe what the vibration of the song is surfacing for you... How does it feel when you sing the song? Please enjoy the links I have posted and always feel free to reach out for lyrics and stories behind the sounds. You can also find more sources for downloading songs and songbooks for free on my “Friends of Alyssia Luz” page.

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